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Residential and Commercial Roofing Services in Greenville, SC

There are many different roofing materials out there, including metal, rubber, and slate, but the most common type of shingles found on homes in the Greenville, SC area is asphalt. Asphalt shingles typically last about 20 years. Depending on the exposure to sun and weather, it could be longer or shorter, but eventually, shingles start to chip, crack, and come loose, requiring replacement. If you have a newer roof that’s suffered targeted storm and hail damage or a roof that’s a few decades old and requires full replacement, we have a hail damage specialists for you. We offer financing options to make your roof more affordable. Call us for:

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New Roof Installation
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Roof Replacement & Repairs
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Insurance Claim Repair
New roof installation companies in Mauldin, SC

Learn About Our Process

We are a roofing contractor company, and our founder designed a process for services that put the customer first. We employ specialists who are assigned to each phase of your project. We do this to ensure that every person is appropriately trained and experienced in the work they are hired to perform. We provide a free roof inspection and the job will be handled by a knowledgeable professional. Our inspections include a dated summarized report that notes the house style, current roof type, approximate age, and any special notes regarding chimneys or venting. We provide an honest recommendation on the proper course of action that should be taken, such as repair in an isolated area or complete roof replacement. If the damage was the result of a storm, we also give our professional opinion on whether a customer should file an insurance claim or not.

Call in the Pros When Your Roof Is Damaged in a Storm

When an emergency arises, you need a competent roofing company you can trust. At the first sign of an issue, whether it is because of a storm damage or other accident, call Above All Contractors for storm restoration. We respond quickly to emergency calls and have insurance claims specialists of all kinds. We work with Fund My Deductible™, a service that assists with spreading insurance deductible payments out over affordable installments legally. If you meet a roofer who offers to waive your deductible, you should be aware that it is an illegal activity and not a position you want to be in. While we won’t waive your deductible, we can offer solutions to help you legally make the payment if you are short on cash or have a large deductible.

YOUR Property is OUR Priority, Above All